Bringing out the Gaga in me

It's two weeks till Halloween and I'm busy thinking about who I'm going to be this year. I wanted to be Black Swan but then we couldn't come up with a costume for Jay so I had to rethink my outfit. I like dressing up in matching couples' costumes and I always wanted to be Bonnie so I suggested Bonnie and Clyde as one of the options. Jay then said he wanted to be a zombie. After a few minutes of deep thinking and internets surfing I had a brilliant idea - zombie Bonnie and Clyde! Isn't that brilliant? Yeah, I know, I thought so too. Two in one and so much fun! We'll make sure to do our versions of the famous photos too, guns and cars and all. 

We're going to two parties this year, October 28 and 30, and I don't like wearing the same costume twice so we came up with another idea. Jay and I were listening to a remix of Lady Gaga's Born This Way and I had another brilliant thought (I know, all my thoughts are pretty brilliant): we can be Lady Gaga and Skrillex!

I'm 99.9% sure you have no idea who Skrillex is so make sure to check him out on youtube - he has a few awesome tunes. So we're going to spend the next two weeks shopping for blond wigs, nerdy glasses, and fake blood. Let the Halloween countdown begin!  

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